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Linladan - Seed Ball - Swedish Embroidery Kit 151


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Seed Ball kit includes:
1960's Nordiska print on contemporary linen, measuring approx 38 x 38cm, 1 skein of curated linen threads.

Two printed cards are included,  one card with a photograph of the original artwork, an English translation of stitches used, and a brief history of its origins, the second describes the 24 common stitches used by Nordiska in their kits.

The card enclosed shows the drawing made prior to production, we invite you to improvise with thread colours and stitches.

Seed Ball / Detail of Frobool 8016  - Designed by Edna Lundskogfor Nordiska 1963

This design is from Nordiska, a Swedish embroidery company founded in 1879.

Nordiska flourished for almost a century then left behind with it's complete archive in an old linen factory store room.

Near two thousand hand drawn patterns from 1960 - 1969 were recently discovered and documented.

Froboll 8016 was originally printed on coloured linen and it was intended that it would be made into a cushion. Here we have chosen a part of the Froboll design for everyone who would like to try something small before embarking on a larger project.