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Aurifil Monofilament

Aurifil Thread > Aurifil Monofilament


Available in:
2 Colours

2 spool sizes
- Large Spools: 1000mts 
- Cones: 15,000mts (Special order)

Hand Needle Turn Applique.   Attaching Binding.   Ladder Stitch.   Machine Stitch in the Ditch.   Invisible Seaming.   Free Motion Quilting.   Couching.   Machine Applique.   Outline Applique.   Shape Applique.   Echo Applique.

Recommended needle types:
80/12 or 70/10 Topstitching or Microtex Sharp Needle
3.0 or 4.0 Longarm Needle (use 40wt, 50wt, or hand-wound monofilament in the bobbin)


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Aurifil Monofilament - Black


Aurifil Monofilament - Clear