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Liberty Butterfly Applique with Amy Tedge

Amy Tedge has a gift of making beautiful flora & fauna even more beautiful! How does she do it!? With the help of a little Liberty and a little love, Amy creates these gorgeous applique scenes, each one a little different from the last...

"These little butterflies lend themselves to beautiful fabrics, so we will start by choosing at least one fabric that you love. We will applique the wings and body down and then design and embellish something that is unique, just for you. It’s a process that you can let yourself get caught up in, and which can turn into something much more than you planned. If you’re new to applique, then this is a great class to take, because the shapes are gentle and the stitches just get easier with practice."

This 1 day workshop includes a kit of all the things you need to create your very own block that can in turn be turned into a zipped bag.

1 X 30cm Linen
1 X 30cm Parlan
1 x Amy Tedge Butterfly Pattern
1 x spool of Aurifil 80wt Thread for applique
2 x Jen Kingwell Needles for applique and embroidery
Shared Liberty scraps & Aurifil 12wt embroidery thread


Add to this by bringing your own lovelies to personalise your very own creation. 

Instructor Name:
Amy Tedge

Liberty Butterfly Applique with Amy Tedge

$ 150.00
Includes morning tea & lunch on both workshop days
Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 10:00 am to 3:30 pm
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