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Mindfulness Friday

Slow down and experience how the repetitive nature of patchwork can be a meditative outlet.  Enjoy the mindfulness that comes with hand stitching a simple quilt made of many many small squares. Focus your thoughts on each stitch and push the chaos of everyday life to the side for an hour and a half of calming Crafting Mindfulness.

Patchwork is a slow process and a quilt can take many years worth of ‘stolen moments’ to complete.  This is what makes each quilt so precious, so unique and so worthwhile.

Come along every 1st and 3 Friday of the month to learn how to create your own handmade quilt.  

All materials provided for the day of your class.

Instructor Name:
Lucy Kingwell
Instructor Bio:
Lucy Kingwell @lucycarsonkingwell

Mindfulness Friday

$ 20.00
Includes Tea/Coffee and materials for the day