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Amitié is proud to present its first-ever Thread Club and what better way to start off than by having our Jen select threads for you to use in all your cherished projects. 

Jen loves Aurifil thread, and so will you. It’s versatility, strength and lustrous colour is the reason Aurifil has achieved worldwide success. It is the only thread Jen stitches with, whether it be by hand, by machine or for hand quilting.

This club will feature her favourite thread weights and colours to assist you in completing any of Jen’s projects (or any project, really!)

Liberty Lovers Club

It's no secret that we have been a long-time supporter of Liberty.
Jen has been stocking Liberty of London prints for as long as we can remember... she was one of the first patchwork store's to include this luxury fabric in her curated collection of prints. It mixes into quilts beautifully and having a little bit in your stash never goes astray!

Our Liberty Lovers program includes 6 mailouts a year.
These mail-outs will be mostly new Seasonal prints, with the inclusion of some all-time favourite Classic Liberty prints. 

by Jen Kingwell

Template of the Month for 2020

Psychedelia is Jen's ode to the ’60s and the Psychedelic Art movement of that time. Her colour palette reflects the uninhibited, lively, and hip style of an era where Lava lamps illuminated a counterculture in which: Beatlemania changed music forever, Flower power and tie-dyed t-shirts fashionable mingled with Miniskirts and Go-go boots Barbie (Doll) was born, Bell-bottom jeans were cool, and cars were adorned with Simley Face and Peace Sign bumper stockers.

Stash Club

Fabric Program for 2020

Let Jen help you build your own colour story with a bi-monthly delivery of fat 16ths chosen from newest fabrics and ranges that walk through the door!

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