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Sit and Sew

Bring along any current projects and sit in our great workspace
Every Wednesday and the fourth Sunday of every month 
10.30 am - 2pm
Call the store to book your spot 0418 522 124

If you would like book our space for your own sewing groups, please email
Class Policy and Tips

1. As each sewing machine is different, ensure you know how to use your sewing
    machine before class.

2. All Class fees are to be paid in full at the time of booking.

3. Fees will be refunded if Amitie need to cancel the class.
4. No cancellation or transfers for Special Workshops
5. For our regular classes, fees can be transferred to another class with a
    weeks notice (full 7 days).

6. Due to limited space, no basting in class time.
7. Please bring all necessary requirements to class.
8. Unfortunately, due to health and safety issues, no children who are mobile may
    attend classes.

9. Make sure your sewing machine and other equipment is in good working order.