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**This BOM has Closed - To join the waitlist please click here**

Things you need to know

The program will begin when fabric lands in-store - Approximately May 2023. Subject to change as per Moda lead times. Our team will keep you informed as delivery times come to hand.
Programs will be posted monthly. Card details will be kept securely and debited each month when your parcel is ready to be shipped. Closer to commencement of the program we will confirm which week we will be processing your card (e.g. second week of every month).
Please understand, as we do not have an exact date from Moda of when the fabric will be available, we cannot advise more information at this time. We also cannot control any delays as they happen, but our team will endeavour to communicate all information as it becomes avallable. The fabric is scheduled to arrive April/May 2023, however delays do happen and are out of our control.
Over the course of the program you will receive 12.35m of Jen's Greenstone fabric. 

The price is averaged over the 12 months - Fabric and templates are not shipped evenly due to the nature of the quilt and fabric design. Some months you will receive up to 3m of fabric and in others you will receive none as this will already have been supplied in previous months.
Finished qullt measures 170cm (66.9") Square.

Program Pricing

Fabric, Templates, and Pattern:
- AU $60.00 per mail-out for Australian customers
- AU $62.00 per mail-out for international customers

Templates and Pattern:
- AU $27.00 per mail-out for Australian customers, 
- AU $29.00 per mail-out for international customers

These prices include shipping, handling and GST where applicable. Cancellations will not be accepted as this is a full 12-month program.