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Marshal by Jen Kingwell Designs
Block of the Month for 2019


Amitie is delighted to be one of the exclusive outlets for Jen’s Quiltmania 2019 Mystery Block of The Month (BOM) “Marshal”. 

Marshal is a limited edition pattern only available in the Quiltmania magazine.

Designed in Jen’s unique, eclectic style, Marshal is a mystery quilt, specifically for Quiltmania using her new Moda range called “Remix”.

See Jen's introduction video below.

In Remix, Jen has used her favourite designs from her previous ranges and remixed the colours. Remix was released at Houston Quilt Market in October 2018 with great success.  One fabric in the range will be exclusively used for this project only. 

As a “mystery quilt” we can only show you a “sneaky work in progress peek” from Jen’s design wall to spark your creative juices. There are elements of the quilt that won’t be released until the final month’s issue of Quiltmania.


So if you like a “quilting mystery” why not join us on the Marshal journey with Jen and the Amitié Team or follow everyones progress on social media with the hashtag #marshalquilt

The important things to know
All prices in AUD

  • The program will be run over 12 months with the pattern issued by Quiltmania in its bi-monthly magazine in 6 consecutive issues commencing late January / early February 2019. 
  • You can select to participate in several different ways with the inclusion of fabric, templates, the magazine, backing and batting.
  • The program is open to Australian and international participants.
  • Fabric is supplied twice throughout the program with a charge of $180.00 at both issue 1 and 4.
  • We can supply you with a copy of the Quiltmania magazine at a cost of $22.00 per issue.
  • Templates are issued with the corresponding magazine release.
    • Issue 1: $38.00 (Acrylic Templates)
    • Issue 2: $21.00 (Acrylic Templates)
    • Issue 3: $23.00 (Mylar Templates)
    • Issue 4: $20.00 (Acrylic Templates)
    • Issue 5: $25.00 (Acrylic Templates)
  • The addition of Backing and Finishing for a cost of $20.00 per issue.
  • We have decided to offer three different batting options for you to complete your quilt.
    • Quilters Dream Cotton Request Batting $10.00 per issue
    • Quilters Dream Cotton Select Batting $11.50 per issue
    • Quilters Dream Wool Batting $16.00 per issue
Other information:

  • Please note that the Fabric, Magazine and Acrylic/Mylar Templates will be issued at different intervals depending on what option you select.
  • Fabric will be released in two instalments 
  • You will need a copy of each of the six 2019 Quiltmania magazines. 
  • We can post a copy of the Quiltmania magazine with your fabrics if you wish. 
  • Included with your BOM packs are all original fabrics chosen by Jen to complete the quilt top.
  • All prices are in Australian Dollars and exclude shipping & handling. 
  • There will be no fabric substitutions. 

How To Register:

  • Sign-ups for our Marshal Mystery Quilt BOM have now closed. For more information, please email


Email or call +613 4241 2109