Worried you missed out on the fun of Golden Days?
Never fear... Round 2 is here!

Round 2 is the exact same program as Round 1, it's just starting later to give you the chance to make this project you've had your eyes on for the last 5 or so months!
Golden Days is exactly what you'd expect from Jen... a combination of blocks coming together to create a fresh and funky quilt unlike any other.  Golden Days will include a combination of piecing and appliqué - It stays true to Jen's eclectic scrappy style which we all know and love!

Golden Days will run in a similar fashion to Delilah (which sold out within 24 hours!).

There are two options for this program:

  • With Fabric: will include monthly pattern, template set and fabrics.
  • Template only: will include monthly pattern and template set.

The pieced blocks will come with acrylic templates which include seam allowance, meaning the blocks can be hand or machine pieced... depending on your preference!

The appliquéd blocks will come with Mylar template shapes!

Golden Days is a 12 month program:

If receiving fabrics: they will be similar to which Jen has used (we have been ordering as many original fabrics as we can get our hands on), however this program will include replacement fabric. Replacement fabric selection is overseen by Jen. These fabrics are selected for their "likeness" in colour, print and/or movement.

Prices are as follows:

With Fabric:
$50 per month for Australian and New Zealand customers.

$58 AUD for all other destinations.

Template Only:
$18 per month for Australian and New Zealand customers.

$25 AUD for all other destinations.


Program commences:

Round 2 - August 2018

Round 1 - Commenced in March 2018.


To sign up, fill out the online form or download a pdf version and email it back to us!