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Aurifil Lana Wool Blend

LANA 12WT – 50% Australian Wool / 50% Acrylic

Available in:
192 Colours

3 spool sizes
- Small Spools: 50mts 
- Large Spools: 350mts 
- Cones: 1700mts (Special order)

Single or Double Strand Cross Stitch.   Hand Embroidery.   Machine Applique.   Machine Quilting.

Recommended needle types:
19/14 Topstitch Needle (use 50wt in the bobbin)
Use the largest Longarm Needle possible (use 28wt in the bobbin)
100/16 Needle (use 40wt in the bobbin)


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Aurifil Lana Wool Blend Colour Chart